Frankenstein's Telephone

‘Frankenstein's Telephone’ is a conceptual artwork created using artificial intelligence to examine how computer vision expresses gender classifications. Each of the images in the sequence are snapshots that document how various neural networks have reacted to each other.


The images displayed on this page are the original artworks created by J. Rosenbaum. The works are generated using a caption from Broadly's Gender Diverse Library and four different neural networks chained together to create a sequence of events where different images are created in response to each other. The caption spawns an image, which is classified and divided into colored segments depending on what the neural network sees, another image is created using those abstract sections as a guide and a final caption is generated. To display the change in caption the image is grayed out. The sequence repeats until it loops in on itself, or there is no mention of a person. For more information on the specific techniques used please click About the images below.


This project has been developed in Runway ML and is generously supported by the City of Melbourne's Covid 19 Response Grant. For further information about the project and its development please click About. To try your own words and generate your own chain of events please click Generate. On Desktop you can enter a caption and generate a sequence of work from your words, on mobile you can upload a selfie or a photograph and see the sequence create a reaction to your image.

Developed with RunwayML

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants


Copyright J. Rosenbaum 2020 -