Frankenstein's Telephone

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The final caption from the chain of images:



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A airplane

A apple

A backpack

A banana

A banner

A baseball bat

A baseball glove

A bear

A bed

A bench

A bicycle

A bird

A blanket

A blender

A boat

A book

A bottle

A bowl

A branch

A bridge

A broccoli

A building-other

A bus

A bush

A cabinet

A cage

A cake

A car

A cardboard

A carpet

A carrot

A cat

A ceiling-other

A ceiling-tile

A cell phone

A chair

A clock

A cloth

A clothes

A clouds

A couch

A counter

A cow

A cup

A cupboard

A curtain

A desk

A desk-stuff

A dining table

A dirt

A dog

A donut

A door

A door-stuff

A elephant

A eye glasses

A fence

A fire hydrant

A floor-marble

A floor-other

A floor-stone

A floor-tile

A floor-wood

A flower

A fog

A food-other

A fork

A frisbee

A fruit

A furniture-other

A giraffe

A grass

A gravel

A ground-other

A hair brush

A hair drier

A handbag

A hat

A hill

A horse

A hot dog

A house

A keyboard

A kite

A knife

A laptop

A leaves

A light

A mat

A metal

A microwave

A mirror

A mirror-stuff

A moss

A motorcycle

A mountain

A mouse

A mud

A napkin

A net

A orange

A oven

A paper

A parking meter

A pavement

A person

A pillow

A pizza

A plant-other

A plastic

A plate

A platform

A playingfield

A potted plant

A railing

A railroad

A refrigerator

A remote

A river

A road

A rock

A roof

A rug

A salad

A sand

A sandwich

A scissors

A sea

A sheep

A shelf

A shoe

A sink

A skateboard

A skis

A sky-other

A skyscraper

A snow

A snowboard

A solid-other

A spoon

A sports ball

A stairs

A stone

A stop sign

A straw

A street sign

A structural-other

A suitcase

A surfboard

A table

A teddy bear

A tennis racket

A tent

A textile-other

A tie

A toaster

A toilet

A toothbrush

A towel

A traffic light

A train

A tree

A truck

A tv

A umbrella

A unlabeled

A vase

A vegetable

A wall-brick

A wall-concrete

A wall-other

A wall-panel

A wall-stone

A wall-tile

A wall-wood

A water-other

A waterdrops

A window

A window-blind

A window-other

A wine glass

A wood

A zebra

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